We share a dream.

We dream of escaping the daily routine to relax and enjoy magical new experiences in a stress-free environment. Vacationing at a luxury rental home is an ideal way to share precious time with loved ones, live like a local, immerse yourself in new environments, and create timeless memories on your own terms.

As the member of a large family spread across the nation, and a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, I have visited my share of hotels, hostels, motels, bunks, campsites, and vacation rentals. My background has taught me the increased value a vacation rental offers travelers:

  • Comfort: Most luxury vacation homes provide much more space than hotel rooms, are comfortably and beautifully furnished, and offer a living room and outdoor spaces.
  • Flexibility: Most luxury vacation homes are kid friendly, pet friendly, and the kitchen never closes.
  • Immersion: Most luxury vacation homes are located in residential areas. VIP Vacation Rentals offers a detailed introduction to popular local shops, restaurants, and attractions for each featured destination.
  • Privacy: Though many luxury vacation homes are staffed for your convenience, you will not share a wall or common space with strangers.
  • Amenities: Most luxury vacation homes include more than one bathroom, home theater systems, private pools, hot tubs, fireplaces, secluded beach access, or even golf course privileges.
  • Expense: Most luxury vacation homes have more than two bedrooms and sleep a large number of guests for one price. As the majority offer full kitchens, or even a house chef, you may avoid the cost of eating out for every meal.

As internet postings can be misleading, my experiences have taught me the wisdom of researching travel destinations and lodging choices carefully. Many vacation rental directories list any property that can provide the fee, without checking to ensure the listing photos and description accurately represent the property.

Working with hundreds of vacation rental owners over the last five years, I have chosen to list vacation homes worldwide that are verified, trusted, and privately owned by experienced property managers. Only the most prominent, luxurious, and professionally managed vacation rental properties are selected for listing in VIP Vacation Rentals featured destinations.

I challenge you to embrace your dream, browse our magnificent listings, choose your destination, and find your castle. Be a VIP.

Adam Vanderpool Founder, CEO, & VIP of VIP Vacation Rentals